Why the App Store Isn’t Enough: Using Content to increase app Downloads

Competition in Google Play and Apple’s App Store is fiercer than ever. According to recent announcements from both companies, users now have over two million apps to choose from.

When it comes to releasing an app, you’re going to need to consider other methods outside of the App Store to make a splash and drive downloads. Though you may be releasing the ultimate can’t-live-without-it app, smart promotion through content is key to appealing to a larger community and ensuring your app doesn’t get lost in the noise.

Read on for tips to promote your app with content and increase app downloads without breaking the bank.

Smartphone with cloud of application icons

First step: Create a microsite

Give your app a home on the web to share more information and create an online destination for users. This site should match the look and feel of your app, and will house all the content and backstory users may be interested in. Consumers and the media alike will enjoy being linked to a site as opposed to the App Store when seeking more information about your app.

Get To Blogging

If you haven’t done so already, create a company blog to further engage users and share the vision, personality and people behind your app(s). In the weeks before your app launch, start sharing the inspiration behind building the app, thoughts on relevant industry news and any interesting content that future fans of your blog may enjoy. Better yet, by using a content discovery platform like Outbrain, links to your blog will be placed alongside links found on the bottom of articles on premium publisher sites. Your engaging content will reach a wide audience, exposing your content and your app to readers you may have never reached.

Start increasing your app downloads right away!

App Reviews

While creating your own content is a valuable way to share your message, app reviews are a trusted third-party source that will add credibility to your offering. Research bloggers and reporters that cover app reviews in your space and pitch your app. There are also resources like Fiverr or Elance where you can hire bloggers to objectively review your app on their blogs. To create some buzz should you secure some awesome reviews.

Using video to increase app downloads

Video is the perfect medium to showcase everything your app has to offer. Creating a quirky, personalized video that highlights the functions and user experience is a great way to engage potential users and drive them to download the app for themselves. Your blog is the perfect home for this, and videos make great content to share widely without having to share a wordy explanation of your app’s functionality.

Word of Mouth Buzz

A full-throttle social media presence is imperative when engaging potential users, spreading the word of your app and easily sharing links to the App Store to drive downloads. By engaging with thought leaders and relevant audiences on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as well as sharing screenshots on Pinterest, you’ll be able to drive the buzz around your app that’s key in converting users. Take part in conversations and respond to user questions through social media to increase your presence.

Regardless of your app’s functionality and what audience you’re trying to reach – be it gamers, CEOs, tweens, musicians or moms – creating content to promote your app’s purpose is an inexpensive and easy way to reach new fans and eventually drive downloads needed to make it in the sink or swim app world.