How Do You Like Your Content? Depends On The Device You’re Using (Infographic)



In the fragmented, multi-screen world, content is one of the few points of convergence for the everyday consumer. From search to social to popular news and entertainment sites, content weaves its way so seamlessly into our lives it’s easy to underestimate just how much of it we take in on a daily basis.

For example, have you ever noticed to just how much time you spend clicking from article to article or video to video in the evenings when suddenly you realize it’s way past your bedtime? ? If the answer’s no, that makes us feel pretty good about our jobs.

Our hope is that enabling personalized discovery makes it that much easier to get lost in the expanding world of great content, from more traditional publisher like online newspapers, to newer niche publishers growing in influence.

As we continue down this path of enabling interesting discoveries online, we thought it would be fun to take a look at how some of these content consumption patterns vary across our network, depending on what, when, and which devices people use when they click on an Outbrain link.

Get ready for the Battle of Devices!